India’s Daughter – BBC Documentary – My thoughts…

So agree with the whole math of it..Ultimately I feel we as a country serve them with subjects to make films n documentaries and get awards and our own media hardly thinks beyond TRPs!!


B-Indias daughterThe issue has now been rekindled. After the protests and subsequent outrage in the aftermath of December 16th, 2012, things had quietened down. The accused had been sentenced, the outrage mostly forgotten. Until the word spread that a documentary on this incident, made by a British filmmaker, would be shown on India’s premier news channel- NDTV. All of a sudden, the story re-emerged, with rival news channels expressing disgust at the thought of airing a rapist/killer’s misogynistic viewpoints, politicians rushing to ban it, and liberals crying foul.   The documentary is now up on You Tube, almost immediately after it was banned by the Indian Government. And I just saw it.

My views on the incident itself are quite rational. Yes, the crime was terrible and the perpetrators deserve the strictest punishment. Would that be death? Or life imprisonment? Or, as so many raging on TV shows wanted- castration? Some suggested cutting off their limbs…

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