On Women and Womens Day :)

So while the world celebrates Womens Day, I thought of having a closer look at women around me… I see a woman that comes every morning to help me cook  and clean, (without whom not ringing the bell, I might not wake up!!) I see a bunch of women, in the care of whom I leave my son for the day at school, I see so many women in the streets walking down, carrying a story of their own on their faces… a woman waiting at the bus stand thinking seriously if she put everything in place before leaving home, somebody walking and smiling to some thought that crossed her mind… there I saw a bunch of women sitting in the park talking through their lives and I wondering where is the time!?!  I see women rushing to work, honking, irritated with the traffic or their lives, who knows!! I see all those women with eyes looking past me wondering what they could have done IF ONLY…..this and a lot more….I see all of them so very extraordinary as people, who can be everything, give everything and still ask for nothing!! In this whole juggle buggle of our lives we forget to celebrate the women in our lives, I mean a WOMAN TO A WOMAN… How many of us do that!?! As women we forget to appreciate each other, we don’t really need to be a celebrity to be celebrated as who we are… I guess being a woman itself is a celebration, because I know no other species who can do so much with such dexterity! And there can’t be just a day to celebrate that but nevertheless here is a toast to the bitchy, naughty, simple sweet, passionate and the drama queens in my life…women I admire and look upto….Happy Womens Day!!  Be Yourself, Celebrate yourself!!


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