Madhubani trails

Am back…after a long time and am literally full of thoughts and experiences to share 🙂

This time when I packed my bags for my Moya journey to Madhubani, a small village in Bihar,there was a lot of inhibition and fear of the journey that was awaited ahead, reason being I had never travelled alone in this side of the country, infamous for all the wrong reasons. But to get out of my comfort zone and take risks for what your heart and mind together lead to, is a different pleasure. And indeed, it was a blissful experience professionally and personally sans the heat!! It was truly an enriching experience working with all the artists and women from the village, and the hospitality with which I was welcomed, was so touching and overwhelming!


The oh so yummy meals served at their home :)All the desi taste served is still fresh!

I have been travelling to a lot of villages in the South too but every time I travel to Bihar which is my homeland, I am flushed with memories of childhood, and every time I thank my stars and my parents that I could reach where I am today. Life here for women is still miserable but they have no complains to make because they don’t know the other side of life. Being married off at an age of 15, raising 2 kids at 20, when we are thinking of what careers to choose they are already raising a family!! As kids I have spent all my summer and winter holidays in villages like Madhubani at my grandparents’, running around in the fields, plucking mangoes from the trees in summers, and having fresh sugarcane juice and hot jiggery in winters…and the memories are still so fresh that I can taste the flavors as I write! But with time the perspectives have changed, I remember my mom and other bahus of the house never coming out in the verandah, or if at all they would, it would be with a veil. Years have passed, we have moved ahead as a nation, as individuals but the core of things is still the same. Women are still deprived of their right to their lives in the name of culture and tradition.


The bahu of the family cutting onions with the veil on as the elder men are around. They do most of their chores like this.

With Moya, my purpose to visit Madhubani  was very clear, I wanted to find, train and work with the women artists and help them achieve as much as they can in their environment. And it feels great to be able to connect to them and to the other side of the world equally.


The family that gave me all that I needed in Madhubani and the yummiest food!!

More of Madhubani trails coming up soon…stay connected 🙂


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