Whats with Womens Day!

So it was Women’s Day yesterday…well I am a woman and it was just another day apart from some random forwards and Happy Women’s Day wishes from friends and people whom I have not spoken to in ages! No I don’t mean to hurt any sentiments but seriously I feel our virtual reality has become so important and powerful that we forget our real lives…..

My friend: So what gift did you get today from your husband?

Me: Why should I get a gift today?

Friend: Its Womens Day! Aren’t you going out ? Nothing special?

Me: Blah! Blah!

No I don’t want any gift from my husband or from anyone I would just like them to be supportive and acknowledge all that I do…my husband to give me that hand when I am lost emotionally, give me a pat when I achieve the smallest of my goals, my friends to applaud my success and support me when I am in doubt and not shy away with their egos, my acquaintances to be little less judgemental (because you don’t know me!) and everyone else who passes by my life to give me respect because I AM A WOMAN….not just today but EVERYDAY.


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